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Meet the Owners/Directors of LDI DanceWorks!

Rachel LeDuc  &  Heather Kelly

After 7 years teaching together,  we were very excited to jump on the opportunity to take over Laura Lynn School of Dance when Laura retired after 38 years. Heather grew up dancing at this studio and was honored to continue Laura's legacy in the dance community. Rachel grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs and loved  the idea of starting a new business adventure.


We both wanted to keep the studio going so the students who have bonded together as a family over the years could keep their dance home. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a fresh, energized feeling to the studio, and together we combined our talents and created LDI DanceWorks in late 2017! 

We are so excited to invite you to join us at LDI DanceWorks! We believe in having a dance studio that feels like your second home. A place where you get to spend time with not just your classmates, but with what we like to call your dance family.  We hope you will come learn something new, develop some amazing dance skills, and get inspired with us today!

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