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If you are interested in a specialty routine(s) for your dancer,

please be sure to read the following information and fill out the form below.


*If you do not want your dancer to do a specialty routine this season,

please still fill out the form and simply click "0" under number of specialty routines.

As always, our LDI professional competitive team of teachers will determine what your dancer is ready for this season, but we are happy to consider requests. Please know that we put a lot of thought into our decisions to do what we think is best for each of our dancers.

*Please know that not all specialty routines will be able to be performed in our main recital shows at the end of the year. This privilege is given to our older dancers first and if possible we will hold a "Specialty Showcase" . 



Please remind your dancers that  group routines should take the main focus. If a student is violating our competitive team contract in any way, including missing weekly classes, or being regularly tardy, we will stop rehearsals for specialty routines. Dancers are expected to practice on their own and come to each session knowing what was taught in the previous session in order for the instructor to progress the routine. The more the dancers take the responsibility to practice on their own, the less extra lessons the routines will need to succeed. 

**We also are asking that any dancer requesting a specialty routine also enrolls in one of our optional

technique classes**


We ask that all dance families please respect the time of our instructors and our studio schedule. If you need to cancel a lesson, please do so AT LEAST 72 HOURS IN ADVANCE so teachers have enough time to adjust their schedules accordingly.


If there is an open room available, we welcome the girls to practice on their own as well - you can check available rooms/times at the front desk. We have seen a big difference in routines with dancers who put in extra time on their own and hope you will help encourage our dancers to do this when time allows.

PLEASE NOTE: We will automatically register your dancer for all specialty routines at all of our main competitions unless we get a confirmation from you well ahead of time that you would not like a routine(s) to be registered. Dancers are welcome to participate in other competitions, but should be registered by LDI so please contact us if you would like to attend any extra events.


This is due to the choreographer via cash or check at or before the first scheduled rehearsal. This fee includes the choreography, a set number of thirty minute sessions with the instructor, studio fees, help with finding music, music editing, and help with costuming.  If needed, we offer our families the ability to pay for their specialty number in 2 installments. The first payment (at least 50%) is to be paid at the time of the first lesson and the final payment to be due no later than at the time of the final included session.

SOLO: $325  This includes 8 thirty minute sessions.

Additional 30 minute rehearsal session pricing (after the initial 8 sessions) is $25 per lesson. 

DUET: $225  This includes 9 thirty minute sessions.

Additional 30 minute rehearsal session pricing (after the initial 9 sessions) is $18 per lesson. 

TRIO: $225 This included 10 thirty minute sessions.

Additional 30 minute rehearsal session pricing (after the initial 10 sessions) is $15 per lesson.


Pay for 4 extra lessons upfront & save!

4 Lesson SOLO Package =  $90

4 Lesson DUO Package =  $65

4 Lesson TRIO Package = $55

In order to cover our staff for the time to complete the registrations, please know a $5 fee will be added to the competition's set registration fees. Registration fees generally range from $100-$125 for solos, and $65-$75 for duo/trios.


All dancers on the LDI competitive team may participate in this routine! It is a wonderful way for our team members to bond as it encompasses dancers of all ages! It is a longer routine which will encompass many different styles of dance. There will be full group sections where every participant will dance, and also smaller group sections showcasing our dancer's best skills! Some rehearsals may need all dancers to attend, and some will just be for those smaller groups which we will set after our first initial rehearsal.

Rehearsal fees will be $10/hr and added to your monthly tuition unless you have paid for the year upfront.

 Rehearsals will most likely be on SATURDAYS AFTER 11AM and possibly FRIDAYS AFTER SCHOOL.  The production routine will be competed at our 3 main competitions and also performed in the main recitals. This cost (ranging from $40-$55 per dancer depending on the individual competition's set fees)  will not be included in Booster's fundraising and will need to be paid to LDI  before each competition. 

If you have any questions before submitting, please don't hesitate to ask!

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