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LDI Assistant Application

The teacher assistant program is for dancers interested in helping with dance classes and becoming inspiring role models for younger dancers.  Teacher assistants help with managing the flow of the dance class, assist students who need additional help with a concept, bring children to their parents or the restroom when needed during class, dance with the younger classes backstage at recital, and any other additional assistance that helps with the dance class. 


  • Assistants will be dedicated to the classes they are assigned. In applying, you are committing to the entire year of assisting the class(es) through recital.

  • Assistants must have regular attendance in their own dance classes.  Dancers who are frequently absent from their own training will be asked to step down as an assistant to allow them to focus on their own classes.

  • Assistants are expected to be on time. If they are late more than 3 times to a particular class, they will no longer be able to assist.

  • Assistants are expected to notify teachers at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to to assist.

  • Assistants are expected to follow LDI’s dress code including wearing the appropriate attire and shoes for each class.

  • Assistants will not reprimand or correct any student. 

  • Should a parent ask an assistant any questions, assistants should direct them to the teacher, studio owner, or office manager.

  • Assistants are responsible for learning/memorizing ALL class material and recital routines.

    • This includes leading by example by performing the choreography as the teacher has instructed. They are expected to engage the dancers in the classroom with energy and enthusiasm, and dance full out with their best technical, emotional, and performative skills.

  • If old enough, the assistant may be asked to step in as a substitute if needed.

  • Assistants should be great role models and set a positive example. They are there to help younger students learn and develop, as they inspire them each week!

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