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Ages 2-4

New dancers who are first discovering the world of dance!

Ages 11+

Junior, Teen, & Senior dancers looking to continue their training, or those looking to jump into dance for the first time with dancers their own age!

Ages 3-6

Tiny Tots ages 3-4 who have had

experience &  5-6 year old new dancers ready to start!


Calling all boys (and brothers) who like to move & groove! Try out this Hip-Hop/Tumbling camp!

Ages 5-8

Minis ages 5-6 who have had experience along with ages 7-8 who are ready for new styles

& longer length classes!


For dancers ages 6+ who want to take their Acro/Tumbling to the next level!

Ages 8-11

Petite dancers who are looking to try many different styles and continue their dance training!


For dancers ages 8+ who want to continue conditioning & improving technique throughout the entire summer!

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